Don Blanquito

Meet the kind-of Eminem of Rio’s kind-of hip-hop scene, but SO MUCH HARDER.


The New York Times calls him Rio’s Bravest Gringo.

His stage name, Times correspondent Simon Romero says, roughly translates to “Sir Whiteboy.

Real name: Alex Cutler, born and raised in Los Angeles, MBA from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.

But to fans of Rio’s funk scene, he’s Don Blanquito, and he’s been bringing the funk since he arrived in 2008.

Don Blanquito loves Rio and everything gringos (no judgements) love about Rio: “Cachaça, Fumaça, Mulata:


He even distributes Don Blanquito condoms. Watch the commercial (with subtitles):


Read more:

Don Blanquito’s profile in the New York Times

Don Blanquito’s official site (English and Portuguese)

Read about the funk carioca phenomenon in this XLR8R article by Bruno Natal, founder of crowdsourcing concert company Queremos (“We Want It”).



  1. hahahahaha camisinha don blanquito? too funny!


  1. […] Funk artist Sir Whiteboy’s safe-sex PSA. […]

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