Rio Photographic

Visions from on high. The hilltop casts its pespective on the city. Youth living in pacified communities in Rio present their perceptions in O Meu Rio Fotográfico.

O Meu Rio Fotográfico is now on exhibit at Largo das Artes in downtown Rio.
The view looking out.
Opening day.
Nathalia Rodrigues took this photo of her sister as she was sitting down to watch TV.
Photo credit: Nathalia Rodrigues

Nathalia prefers spontaneous shots to posed and doesn’t mess with the picture too much except to strip the colors down to black and white. She shoots with a Canon 7D her aunt gave her.

She’s 15, this is the first exhibition of her work and she’s already been published in a book on Rio photography.

Plans for the future? “I’m happy right here in the present.”

More downtown art:

150 kites in 001 by Marcelo Jarome, also showing at Largo das Artes.
9000 glowing orbs illuminate Praça Paris down the street in Maximum Silence in Paris, by Giancarlo Neri.


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