Rio Fall Fashion

Fall fashion in Rio is beach weather, bright colors and back to school. Bags, bodysuits and bikinis from Ipanema storefronts to fashion collectives. Hypercolor bodysuits for wearing out, not working out.  By Juliana Rosa at Espaço Mix. A&A sandals at the Feira Hippie, Sundays in Ipanema. Hands down best find in Rio. Alan and his dad Aladir […]

This Photo is Illegal

This photo is illegal. This photo of rush hour at the Botafogo stop of Rio’s metro system is also illegal:   This one too. In fact, this entire photo series was taken illegally:   After I took this picture, the gentleman in the neon vest warned me, “Taking photos in the metro is not permitted.” […]

CastleRock SexyFunk

Rio’s new police forces may have shut down the famed funk parties in Vidigal and Rocinha, but the Sunday night funk party in Rio das Pedras has been going hard for years. Since Rio’s pacification forces (UPP) have been retaking control of strategically located and highly visible favelas like Vidigal and Rocinha from drug traffickers, they’ve also […]

This is a Favela

Favela does not mean “slum,” and contrary to what you might read in ESPN, the entire city of Rio is not big blazing war zone. Favela has no direct translation, but the proper word these days is “community,” and a full third of Rio’s 6 million citizens live in “communities,” probably more if there were […]